Diamond Deals Online

Diamond Deals Online

Diamond Deals Online are a online-only retailer of affordable diamonds. They offer a wide-range of price points, aiming to make ethically-sourced diamonds accessible. They offer a range of products, but specialise in engagement rings.

Diamond Deals Online required branding and an e-commerce website that highlighted their affordability, while not cheapening their product. Whether someone is paying £100 or £10,000 for a diamond, it is still an aspirational purchase – and this needed to come through in their branding. This is especially the case with engagement rings. The logo I designed was simple but elegant, and well suited to their online-only format.

I utilised glamorous photography to hero the beauty of their jewellery. I finely-tweaked the language used in their communications to convey the accessibility of their pricing, while still making the product seem aspirational and luxurious.

Their e-commerce website needed to be easy to use, but featured complex functionality such as a bespoke ring builder. This allowed the customer to choose all the aspects of their ring, with tens-of-thousands of potential combinations.

Images of Diamond Deals Online branding and e-commerce website, designed by graphic designer and branding designer Jessica Croome of Perth WA